Doctoral Degrees held by Martin Marty

University of Chicago
(Ph.D., December 1956)

Honorary Degrees

Alma College
(Litt.D., April 1998)

Aquinas College
(L.H.D., May 1988)

Augsburg College
(L.H.D., 2007)

Aurora University
(D.D., June 1991)

Baker University
(D.D., February 1992)

Bethany (Kansas) College
(D.D., October 2002)

Bethany Seminary
(D.D., June 1969)

California Lutheran University
(L.H.D., May 1993)

Capital University
(D.D., May 1980)

Centenary College
(D.D., May 2002)

Centre College
(L.H.D., May 1994)

Christ Seminex
(D.D., June 1979)

Coe College
(L.H.D., May 1989)

Colgate University
(D.D., May 1990)

Colorado College
(L.H.D., June 1980)

Concordia University Portland
(Litt.D., May 1998)

Dana College
(L.H.D., January 1998)

DePaul University
(L.H.D., June 1979)

DePaul University,
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
(L.H.D., 2010)

Doane College
(L.H.D., May 2002)

Drake University
(L.H.D., May 1994)

Fontbonne College
(L.H.D., August 1996)

Fordham University
(L.H.D., May 2005)

Franklin College
(Litt.D., May 1988)

George Fox
College (L.H.D., April 1994)

Governors State University
(L.H.D., June 1990)

Gustavus Adolphus College
(L.H.D., April 2004)

Hamilton College
(L.H.D., May 1985)

Hebrew Union College
(L.H.D., May 1990)

Hope College
(D.D., September 1993)

Illinois College
(L.H.D., May 2007)

Illinois Wesleyan
(L.H.D., September 1987)

Iona College
(L.H.D., November 2004)

Kalamazoo College
(L.H.D., March 1999)

Keuka College
(LL.D., June 1972)

Lehigh University
(L.H.D., June 1989)

Loyola University
(L.H.D., May 1986)

Lycoming College
(D. Theol., May 1997)

Lynchburg College
(Litt.D., May 2003)

Marian College
(L.H.D., June 1967)

Maryville College
(D.D., September 1980)

Mercer University
(L.H.D., June 1987)

Midland College
(L.H.D., May 1995)

Mt. Union
(D.D., May 1991)

Muhlenberg College
(D.D., June 1967)

Muskingum College
(L.H.D., May 1989)

Niagara University
(Litt.D., October 1998)

North Park
College (D.D., May 1982)

Northern Michigan University
(D.Hum., April 1989)

Northwestern College
(D.D., November 1993)

Otterbein College
(L.H.D., September 1996)

Providence College
(D.Hum., June 1967)

Roanoke College
(L.H.D., May 1987)

Rockford College
(L.H.D., May 1984)

Roosevelt University
(L.H.D., January 1988)

Rosary College
(L.H.D., May 1984)

St. Mary’s Seminary and University
(D.D., May 2008)

St. Olaf College
(L.H.D., May 1978)

St. Xavier College
(D.D., May 1990)

Texas Lutheran
(D.D., May 1991)

Thiel College
(Litt.D., June 1964)

Thomas More College
(Litt.D., June 1968)

Trinity College
(D.D., May 2001)

University of Miami
(Litt.D., May 1999)

University of Nebraska
(Litt.D., May 1993)

University of Notre Dame
(LL.D., May 1987)

University of Scranton
(L.H.D., May 2001)

University of Southern California
(LL.D., May 1977)

Valparaiso University
(LL.D., May 1978)

Virginia Theological Seminary
(D.D., October 1984)

Wabash College
(D.D., May 1977)

Wake Forest University
(D.D., May 2003)

Wartburg Theological Seminary
(D.D., May 2010)

West Virginia Wesleyan
(L.H.D., May 1967)

Westminster Choir College
(May 2001)

Whittier College
(L.H.D., May 1991)

Willamette University
(D.Hum., May 1974)

William Jewell College
(L.H.D., May 1999)

Wittenberg University
(Litt.D., September 1983)

Yale University
(D.D., May 1995)


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