Select Writings

In addition to his books, Marty has published hundreds of scholarly papers and more than 5,000 columns, editorials, and shorter magazine articles, many of which are accessible via Readers Guide to Periodical Literature or online.

His major themes are represented in the papers that appear, in full, on the subpages listed below.


Association Presidential Addresses

“Peoples: The Thickness of American Pluralism”
1971: American Society of Church History

“Locations: At Home in the Ghettos”
1981: American Catholic Historical Association

“Committing the Study of Religion in Public”
1988: American Academy of Religion


Papers at Anniversaries of Scholarly Societies

“America’s Iconic Book”
1980: Centennial of Society of Biblical Literature

“Irony (Fig.) and (Lit.) in Modern American Religion”
1984: 75th Anniversary of the American Academy of Religion


Governors’ Lectures in the Humanities

“The Description of a Place: The Plains, the Prairies, and the Humanities”
1997: Nebraska Governor’s Lecture

“Where Paradox Blossoms Constantly: The Humanities and the Heterogeneities”
1997: Illinois Governor’s Lecture


Project Reports to Academies and Societies

“Too Bad We’re So Relevant: The Fundamentalism Project Projected”
1995: Stated Meeting Report to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at conclusion of 6-year Fundamentalism Project

“The Future of World Fundamentalisms”
1996: Report to the American Philosophical Society at conclusion of 6-year Fundamentalism Project

“The Modes of Being, Doing, Teaching, and Discovering”
1995: Joint Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Association of Theological Schools


Other Scholarly Society Lectures and Articles

“A Life of Learning”
2006: MEM’s Haskins Prize Lecture to the American Council of Learned Societies

“Religion: A Private Affair, in Public Affairs”
1992: Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture

“Christianity and Literature: Covertly Public, Overtly Private”
1997: Conference on Christianity and Literature at Modern Language Association

“Revising the Map of American Religion”
1998: Symposium at American Academy of Political and Social Sciences


Ceremonial Events

“Religion and History in the Second Millennium”
1999: Fifth Millennial Evening at the White House

“The War-Time Lincoln and the Ironic Tradition in America”
2000: Fortenbaugh Memorial Lecture at Gettysburg

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